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TV9 Telugu News Channel: TV9 is a 24-hour Telugu news channel with its headquarters in Hyderabad. The channel was launched on 1 February 2004. It is owned by the Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited and is backed by Srini Raju’s iLabs Ventures. The company reports that it has received Rs15 crore in funding.

Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited

Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited is a media and entertainment company headquartered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Its main products and services include broadcast television, cable network programming, and filmed entertainment. In addition to offering a variety of entertainment programs, it also produces newscasts. It has between 5.0K and 10K employees.

TV9 Telugu is a television news channel that broadcasts stories in Telugu and several other languages. It focuses on national, regional, and international news and has one of the highest ratings of any Telugu news channel. It was founded in 2004 and is now the leading news channel in the country.

While TV9 Telugu is a popular choice among advertisers, there are certain things to keep in mind when planning your TV advertising campaign. First, you must consider the target audience of the TV channel. If it is primarily aimed at a Telugu audience, TV9 Telugu may not be a good choice.

Second, you need to consider the type of advertising that you want to run. There are different types of ads, including scrollers, video ads, and Brand integrations. The rates for different types of advertising on TV9 Telugu depend on the length of the ad and timeband. For example, a 10-second commercial would cost Rs 300/sec.

While Regional News focuses on local stories, the flagship prime time news show, 10pm News Bulletin, gives an analytical and comprehensive look at the day’s top stories. The show also features doctors discussing lifestyle diseases and ailments, taking calls, and sports news.

GHMC fine

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the Telugu news channel TV9. This fine was imposed on the news channel because it had put up an unauthorised advertisement balloon on Banjara Hills Road number 3. The balloon was erected without the permission of the competent authority, which is an offence under the GHMC Act. The balloon was spotted by a local activist who alerted the EVDM wing of the city corporation.

Associated Broadcasting Company vs Srini Raju

The dispute in ABCL vs Srini Raju is a result of the former’s investment in the company. SriniRaju’s investment was in the first round of his iLabs Capital fund, which had invested close to Rs 80 crore in ABCL. This investment was in the company when it first started broadcasting news channels on television. SriniRaju and his associates controlled ABCL with a majority stake. TV9 Chief Executive Ravi Prakash has an 18% stake.

Despite this controversy, Associated Broadcasting Company remains a major force in Indian media. The company was founded by Srini Raju, a former CEO of Satyam Computers, who is currently out on bail for corporate fraud. The Associated Broadcasting Company has several regional language news channels.

Since last year, the company has been facing unexpected twists and turns. It has lost credibility as a unbiased, neutral TV channel. Shivaji, who holds 9% of TV9 shares, has approached the NCLT in opposition to the sale of the remaining 80%.

Srini Raju, the founder of TV9, has been trying to sell his company to other investors. It is estimated that his stake in TV9 is worth around Rs 500 crore. His two main rivals are Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited and MyHome Group. The deal is expected to close by January 2012.

TV9 Telugu Advertising Rates

tv9 telugu varthalu telugu

When it comes to TV networks, the Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCL) is the owner of TV9 Telugu. The ABCL, owned by Srinivasa Raju Chintalapati, holds 99% of the shares in the network. However, there is still a controversy about the editorial independence of the channel.

Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCL)

TV9 is a 24-hour satellite news channel that offers local and national news coverage in the languages of Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarati. The network is based in Hyderabad, with bureaus in Mumbai, Gujarat, Bangalore, and Delhi. The channel is the nation’s news headquarters, providing both national and international news.

ABCL owns TV9 and other regional television channels, which are broadcast in Telugu, Kannada, and English. It has one English channel in Karnataka and one channel in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It plans to launch three new channels next year, including a Telugu entertainment channel and a Tamil channel.

The company’s ownership is divided among several investors, including Zee group, Peepul Capital, and Venture Capitalist Srini Raju. Other shareholders include Ravi Prakash and Saif partners, who own 20 percent of ABCL. However, Peepul Capital is attempting to sell its remaining 20%. Telugu360 has been tracking the deal.

While TV9 was first launched in the Telugu language in 2003, the parent company has since launched news channels in several other languages in India. TV9 Kannada and Marathi are based in the state of Karnataka, while TV9 Hindi has its own news channel. TV9 Telugu and TV9 Kannada both have 24×7 news channels.

Ravi Prakash is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company is not publicly listed, so it is difficult to determine the ownership structure. According to media reports, the ownership structure of Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited changed in August 2018, but the company’s public registrar does not show this change. Srinivasa Raju Chintalapati still owns 99 percent of the shares.

Advertising rates for tv9 telugu varthalu telugu

Advertising rates for TV9 Telugu are among the lowest in the industry. These rates are listed on the Media Options and Pricing tab and are updated weekly. The rates depend on the timeband, duration, and ad type. The cost of a ten-second ad will cost Rs 300/sec. Depending on the timeband and audience, the cost may be as low as Rs 1,000 or as high as Rs 3,000. The rates vary according to the timeband and the amount of reach, so it is important to choose the right media type and budget for your advertising campaign.

The rates for advertising on TV9 Telugu vary from time to time, depending on the type of programme and the time slot. For example, if you want your ad to be seen during the prime time, it will cost more than in the non-prime time. However, the reach during prime time is higher, so the cost per reach is lower.

With its wide range of shows and diverse viewership, TV9 Telugu can be a great place to advertise. From mythological shows to musical and drama programs, advertisers will be able to interact with a large audience. Additionally, the schedule has been expanded to include non-weekend days, making it easier for advertisers to reach the highest number of viewers.

Editorial independence of tv9 telugu varthalu telugu

A recent court case has called into question the editorial independence of a Telugu television news channel. After a period of virtual hibernation, Ravi Prakash, the founder of tv9, has announced his intention to relaunch the channel, which is the most popular Telugu language news channel in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The new channel will be part of the television network run by the Ambani group.

Founded in 2004, TV9 Telugu is a 24-hour news channel in Telugu, with its headquarters in Hyderabad. The channel is owned by the Associated Broadcasting Company (ABCL) and is backed by serial investor Srinivasa Raju’s iLabs Ventures. In August 2018, the company was valued at around Rs456 crore. Its news content is aimed at the youth and women segments of the Telugu-speaking audience.

The channel has also been accused of breach of confidentiality after a cameraman broke into a high-ranking policewoman’s home. The episode was aired without her knowledge. As a result, the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) censured the channel for “sex-related content, breach of privacy, and irresponsible sting operations”. Since then, the station has apologized and withdrew from the NBSA.

The company also owns news channels in other Indian languages. The Kannada-language TV9 is beamed in Karnataka while the Marathi-language TV9 is beamed in Maharashtra. TV9 also has a news channel in Gujarat, News9 USA, and TV9 Telugu. However, the Telugu-language channel has run into trouble with the Telengana Government. In 2014, the Telengana State Assembly passed a resolution allowing the Speaker of the Assembly to take action against the channel for airing news that was objectionable to members of the Assembly.

The Telugu news channels have long been known for their scandal-mongering style. They routinely exploit the private lives of public figures for their own profit. In one recent example, a Telugu TV reporter jumped into the bathtub to speculate on the death of an actor. It’s no wonder, that many viewers find this news scandalrous and offensive.

Ad-Buying Strategies For TV9 Telugu

tv9 tv9 telugu tv9 telugu

When it comes to ad-buying strategies for TV9 Telugu, there are a few tips to keep in mind. One is to spread out your advertising across different time bands rather than concentrating on a single time band. This strategy will allow you to reach more people while building a higher frequency.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL) vs Srini Raju

ABCL has been the target of several scandals in the past. During the financial crisis, Raju sought an exit from ABCL but was unsuccessful. The company’s finances have been in the red ever since. But Raju says he is ready to sell his stake in the company, or at least part of it. He has been in talks with various prospective buyers for about three months.

Srini Raju, the founder of TV9, is trying to sell his stake in the company to another investor for Rs 500 crore. He has also sold stakes to other investors. The new owners of TV9 have a different business plan. They plan to expand ABCL’s reach into the regional GEC space.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABC) has a history of creating and launching regional language news channels. The company started its first 24-hour Telugu news channel in 2004, and now has seven regional language channels. They also have a news channel in English.

Sun TV Network Ltd has denied reports that it is planning to acquire ABCL. However, the companies are currently in discussions with banks, and a deal could be finalized by early March. Currently, ABCL operates seven regional channels, including one in Telugu, two in Kannada, one in Gujarat, and one in Maharashtra. It plans to launch three new channels next year. One will be for the Delhi NCR region, another will be in Tamil, and the last will be an entertainment channel in Telugu.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABC) is a company in Hyderabad. It has a mission to improve the quality of news and media services through a variety of regional languages. It also operates cable network programming and direct broadcast satellite television. Its founder MKVN Murthy has a deep understanding of the cable and satellite distribution platforms, and has been the leader in the company’s aggressive expansion into the market.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL) vs Vijay Mallya

The Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABC) is in the midst of a legal battle involving the fugitive liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya. Earlier this year, the Sebi restrained Mallya from holding a directorship in listed firms. As a result, Mallya was asked to quit the company’s board of directors. Earlier this year, the company’s independent directors decided to stop sharing information with him, including agenda and notices of board meetings.

In October of last year, Mallya filed an application for a stay of enforcement of the judgment against him. He argued that the bank had placed unreasonable obstacles in the way of his repayment. His legal team produced a non-binding letter claiming that his company was willing to acquire the property. However, the Deputy Master Marsh found that the letter offered little assistance and doubted its bona fides. After Mallya and his co-defendants failed to get a stay of execution of the judgment, UBS was granted the right to regain possession of the property immediately. Moreover, the defendants could not postpone or suspend the date of handing over possession.

Srini Raju

Srini Raju is the founder and promoter of the TV9 network in Telugu. He is also an investor, focusing on media, entertainment and technology. He has held stakes in several technology companies, including Satyam Enterprise Solutions. However, he was caught in a corporate fraud case.

In response to the allegations, Srini Raju’s company, Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited, came up with a compromise deal. The deal stipulated that Srini Raju and his associates pay the fund Rs 65 crore for TV9. The fund agreed to withdraw the contempt petition against Srini Raju once he receives the payment.

According to TV9‘s website, Srini Raju owns 80% of the company. He sold this stake to a group of investors that includes My home Ramesh Rao, Megha engineering Krishna Reddy and Mauritius Company SAIF partners. The investors filed a case in the National Company Law Tribunal and agreed to settle for 65 crores.

In 2009, Srini Raju made a donation to TDP. He was the CEO of Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software, which implemented large-scale IT projects for Dun & Bradstreet’s businesses. Later, he founded the iLabs Group, a venture capital firm in Hyderabad.

Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL)

The Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL) is a media company in India. The company owns six news channels. It plans to launch three new regional channels next year, one in the Delhi NCR region, and a Tamil and Telugu entertainment channel. The company’s shareholders have a stake of 82 per cent in ABCL. The remaining 18 per cent belongs to TV9 Chief Executive Ravi Prakash.

The company has headquarters in Hyderabad and operates in the Broadcasting (except Internet) industry. It was founded on May 09, 2003. As of May 2009, the company had decreased its assets by 16.1%. It has acquired the broadcast rights to Philippine Basketball Association games. It has also introduced several new programs.

The company is active in broadcast television, cable network programming, and film production. It also has international interests, and works with Dish Network in the USA. Its flagship TV station is TV5, which caters to the younger and more progressive Filipinos. It also has a Hindi news channel, which launched in March 2019.

ABC has had a long history in the Philippines. The company was originally owned by Joaquin “Chino” Roces, who owned the Manila Times newspaper. He was granted the radio-TV franchise by the Congress on June 19, 1960. He built studios along Pasong Tamo, where its first programs were broadcast. It operated radio stations on DZMT 1100 kHz and DZTM 1380 kHz until the advent of Martial Law in 1972.

Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya, a prominent businessman in India, has been accused of violating foreign exchange rules. His business empire spanned several industries and included India’s largest spirits company, United Spirits Ltd. The board of directors of United Spirits started the process of removing Mallya as chairman earlier this year. The board has accused Mallya of financial irregularities, but the businessman has denied these allegations.

Mallya is accused of embezzling about US$1.1 billion from bank accounts. A senior police official told reporters that he had lodged a case under section 174 A of the Indian Penal Code against Mallya in New Delhi. Earlier, Mallya was implicated in a case involving the Delhi International Airport. The case had been heard in the top court. The top court had sentenced Mallya to four months in jail on contempt of court. It also ordered the beneficiaries to deposit USD 40 million with a recovery officer.

The UK government has decided to extradite Mallya, but the extradition process took a long time. The extradition process had been delayed by Mallya’s pending proceedings in the UK. Further, several adjournments and a pandemic were thrown into action, further delaying the proceedings.

How to Generate High TRP Ratings For Google TV9

ok google tv9 telugu news

Several times, Telugu news channels have been sanctioned for their unethical reporting. Recently, a man filed a complaint against TV9 for its atrocious reporting. He noted that the channel has been a serial offender. This complaint followed a police raid on a house party in November 2021, when police arrested all attendees and booked the party organizer. The police stated that the event was held without permission. This incident sparked a string of atrocious reporting by the channel.

generating high TRP ratings for google tv9 telugu news

While generating high TRP ratings for Google TV9 is an important goal for every news channel, there are a few things that can help a particular channel achieve higher ratings. First, let’s look at the current competitive landscape. In the Telugu news segment, 10-TV, a local channel focusing on news in the Telugu language, is currently the leader in TRP ratings. Its rise in the ratings is attributed to a combination of public grievances and severe rains in the Telugu states.

As competition increases, television news channels fight for higher TRP ratings to attract more advertisers and increase revenue. In the Telugu-speaking states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there is a plethora of news channels competing for top spots. However, only three channels consistently occupy the top slots. While TV 9 is often at the top of the TRP charts, N-TV and TV 5 are battling for second and third place respectively.

The competition for TV-9’s top ratings comes from a variety of factors, including the investment in production. For example, the network spends a lot of money on the audio releases of movies. The content on TV-9 is incredibly high-quality, and Ravi is not ashamed to spend big money on it. Not only does investment in programmes increase their GRPs, but dynamic content and presentation are important too.

While TV9 has been generating high TRP ratings in urban areas, it is still struggling in rural areas. In BARC HYD, the network has beaten TV-9 by eight points, and in the same week has surpassed V6 and TV5. Meanwhile, NTV is beginning to follow the trend, with its latest week-38 ratings.

renaming of channel after sister channels

In Telugu, the TV9 telugu news channel has been under the scanner lately, after a homophobic rant was broadcast on the channel. In the show, TV9 Telugu questioned whether youngsters were becoming homosexual due to mental stress or pornography. The program was criticised by activists for its homophobic content.

While TV9‘s telecasts are often unreliable, the news channel has been sanctioned several times. In December 2013, Indrajeet Ghorpade filed a complaint against the channel. He points out that the channel has been a serial offender and has violated the law multiple times. For example, in November 2021, police raided a house party, rounded up everyone in attendance, booked the party organiser and accused the channel of hosting it without permission. Various other incidents of atrocious reporting have followed.

The TV9 Telugu news channel has a strong fan base and has gained popularity among Telugu viewers. Its news content covers national, regional, and local news. With a large subscriber base, it is also one of the most popular news channels on YouTube.

TV9 Telugu is a great choice for advertisers. Its advertising rates are some of the lowest in the country. Advertisers can choose from video ads, scrollers, brand integrations, and digital ad formats. The company also offers live streaming of the news program.

advertising on channel

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to advertise on TV9. As it has extensive viewership across the nation, TV9 is an excellent place to advertise. This channel offers prime time and non-prime time ads, so you can reach a wide variety of people. You can also target specific demographics. This means that you can make your advertisements relevant to the type of viewers you want to target.

aston bands

Aston Bands are horizontal strips that appear at the bottom of television screens during shows. Each band has an exposure time of 10 seconds, and an advertiser can select the number of bands to appear per day or for the entire duration of the advertising campaign. The price of a band varies according to time slot and program.


TV9 Telugu is one of the leading news channels in India. It features regional, national, and international news. Launched in 2004, TV9 Telugu has the largest audience of any Telugu news channel. In addition to Telugu, the channel also features news in Hindi and Marathi.

Indrajeet’s complaint to the NBDSA

The News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority has ordered private news channels to stop airing news content about the case of Umar Kalid. The order is based on a complaint from Indrajeet Ghorpade. She filed the complaint on November 30, 2020. Upon receiving the complaint, the NBDSA decided that the broadcasting of the news content was in violation of her privacy rights.

Indrajeet Ghorpade filed a complaint with the NBDSA after a debate programme on News 18 India aired false news about the Hijab ban in Karnataka. She claimed that the host of the debate programme, Aman Chopra, a hate monger with a track record of inciting violence, had falsely linked the protesting Muslim girl students to terrorist organisations. She also said that the programme was based on a false narrative about the Alwar temple demolition, which she argues is an insult to the Muslim community.

Indrajeet Ghorpade’s complaint to the NBDSA came in response to Chopra’s comments on an episode of AlQaedaGangExposed on April 6. Indrajeet complained about the anchor making inflammatory remarks about the hijab. She also claimed that the anchor used inflammatory phrases like “#AlQaedaGangExposed” and “Al Zawahiri is found hiding behind the hijab.”

The NBDSA stated that the two broadcasters violated the NBDSA’s Code of Ethics. The NBDSA also ordered Zee News to remove the video within seven days.

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